Mini peach pies on sticks

I don’t even know what to say about these.
1. They are adorable
2. They taste amazing
3. People love them
4. They are easy to makeOk. So that was 4 things. But seriously. I love these little things.


Buy or make some pie crust and filling. I was feeling lazy so I bought both.


Pre-made pie crust needs to sit at room temperature for a little bit before using. While it was sitting out, I drained some of the gel from the peach filling and added some cinnamon sugar. I was a bit disappointed that the pie filling was a bit boring. I tend to like strong and exotic flavors though.

This stuff is amazing, btw.


Roll out your dough and visualize how to get the most bang for your buck. I was using my cut-n-seal from pampered chef, but a cookie cutter, drinking glass or small bowl would work too. Lightly twist it to make an indent you can see. If the placement doesn’t work out, you can always squish it back together  🙂
I was happy with mine, so I started filling and laying sticks.
Lay the second sheet of dough gently over it.
Now cheat a little and lift an edge up so you can see your indent. Line up your cutting apparatus and go to town!
The cut-n-seal is pretty awesome because it crimps the edges. But if you don’t have one, just use the tines of a fork to go around and crimp away. I did it that way for Years before the cut-n-seal was gifted to me. I had to take a steak knife and go around the edges to fully separate the pies from the extra dough. I also trimmed the dough around the stick.

I took my knife and cut 5 tiny slits in star shape in the top of each one, and gave them all an extra little sprinkle of sugar.

I baked mine at 425 for about 10 minutes. I kept a close eye on them and took them out as soon as they were starting to get golden and bubbly. Thankfully none of them leaked though the edges…this time. I’ve had it happen before, lol.

I could barely wait for them cool down before I began chowing down.
I hope you try them and love them too!