Here are Healthy Tips on How to Successfully Get Erections


If you’re having a hard time getting a boner, then you might want to reassess your diet. Instead of reaching for those little blue pills, fixing your nutrition will certainly be a more effective and powerful way of getting harder and stronger erections.

Food plays a crucial role in keeping vital functions in check. In the case of erections, health experts suggest the consumption of food items that can raise testosterone levels and those that can improve the flow of blood to the penile region.

Here are some food tips that will help you get an erection!

  • Don’t drink too much alcohol

The excessive consumption of alcohol can cause impotence in men. Of course, drinking red wine is beneficial as it relaxes the arteries, thus giving way to increased blood flow to the penis resulting in erection. However, if you drink more than the recommended 2 glasses of beer, liquor, or wine, your performance will greatly suffer in bed.

  • Eat the right types of food

This may not be the first thing that men would think to get a quick fix for erection. But know that diet plays a major role to staying hard for longer. If the bloodstream is teeming with nutrients, there wouldn’t be much difficulty in achieving erections. Food items that are have high alkaline content such as spinach and broccoli will be beneficial. In addition, complex carbohydrates, whole grains, and flax seeds are deemed necessary for energy. Lastly, a diet high in proteins will also help in keeping the testosterone levels high.

  • Zinc supplementation

Zinc is a mineral proven to elevate testosterone levels. In addition, it is also responsible for improving sperm count and quality as well as increase in the amount of seminal fluid. Zinc is one of the few nutrients that can give you stronger and longer erections.

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