The Applications of Oregano Essential Oil! (2)

Oregano oil is one of the most powerful, all-natural supplements as it can cure a multitude of ailments. Enriched with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; all working synergistically to uplift one’s state of health and wellness.

This essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the oregano plant. It is being used as natural remedies in the treatment of mild to serious medical conditions. Apart from its most popular antibacterial function, it is also being used as antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic actions.

Oregano essential oils can be used in three ways, namely:

  • aromatic treatment
  • applied as a topical solution
  • through another medium; most commonly mixed with coconut oil

Health Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil

  • Fights the Spread of Infection

Oregano is an extremely potent antimicrobial supplement. Based on studies, oregano oil is so powerful that it has the ability to kill E.coli and Salmonella.

It also boasts protective properties to prevent the invasion of disease-microorganisms. As a supplement, taking oregano oil has been proven to protect the body from bacteria that usually invades the respiratory tract and the urinary system.

  • Natural Source of Beneficial Nutrients

Although oregano essential oil does not contain all the vitamins and minerals that the body need, it is still teeming with nutrients that are vital to improving overall health. Minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, niacin, and manganese are crucial to meet our daily nutritional requirements.

  • Warts and Skin Tags Removal

If you want to remove all those unwanted skin tags and warts from your skin, use oregano essential oil on a daily basis. The beneficial compounds found in oregano oil help in shrinking the size of warts and skin tags fast. With daily use, the skin tags and warts will simply fall off from the skin.

  • Regulates Menstrual Cycle

One of the most powerful natural remedies against menstrual cramps, irregular periods, and even menopausal symptoms is the supplementation of oregano essential oil. With daily use, oregano oil helps in normalizing menstrual cycle. In the case of women undergoing menopause, the supplementation of oregano essential oil alleviates its symptoms.

  • Anti-Aging Remedy

Oregano essential oil contains antioxidants that slow down the proliferation of free radicals- elements that are responsible for premature aging.