3 Ways to Stop Anxiety Quickly

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Living with anxiety is not an easy thing. It’s just like living with erectile dysfunction (check what causes erectile dysfunction). There are millions of people living with anxiety and experience it daily. The good thing is that there are a number of things you can do to deal with it when it comes. It is important to always remember that anxiety control is a long term process and not something that can be done overnight. Below are some ways you can stop anxiety.

Control Your Breathing

Severe anxiety symptoms have been linked to poor breathing habits. Controlling your breath will go along way in helping you. When you feel like you cannot take a deep breath, you need to actually slow down and reduce your breathing, not try to take deeper breaths or speed it up.

Talk to Someone Friendly

An effective anxiety reduction technique is distraction. When you have severe anxiety, your mind can be your worst enemy. Talking to someone you like and trust on the phone. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your anxiety. You will feel much better.

Aerobic Activity
Your body is filled with adrenaline during periods of anxiety. Putting it towards aerobic activity can go a long way. Exercising has many benefits when it comes to controlling anxiety. It burns away the stress hormones, releases endorphins which improves your mood, and tires the muscle resulting in reduced excess energy and tension.